Excavatorrr 2


Dig as deep as you can and get all the gold


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Excavatorrr 2 is a two-dimensional roguelike platform game where you have to dig as deep as you can in a randomly-generated mine while trying to collect as much gold as possible.

You'll start up on the surface and use your pickaxe on blocks to begin your descent. Blocks of soil don't give you anything, but blocks containing gold gives you money. Other blocks, like those of stone, are impossible to break up.

During your (typically short) adventure, you'll come face to face with tons of different enemies. Ghosts, for example, can become intangible for a few seconds, and therefore impervious to your attacks. Goblins, on the other hand, will attack you in a much more direct way.

The levels in Excavatorrr 2 hold all kinds of interesting objects. Some can be used to activate special powers while others, like the coffins, can be kept in your backpack so that you can open them later on when you've found the correct key.

Excavatorrr 2 is a difficult, addicting platform game.
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